American Wiping Rags was established in Pueblo, Colorado in 2003.  We are a small, woman and minority owned business.  Because we are, we can ensure excellent customer service.  Our customers are very important to us.  We go the extra mile to see that your needs are met, your rags are shipped in the best way possible from box to pallet, with the best price.  We can customize orders and custom cut rags so you get exactly what you need.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your order.

All rags are disposable and biodegradable because they are made from cotton, which is a raw (natural) material. AWR does not pick up the used rags to be washed because when it’s time to reorder it ensures our customers will get clean rags every time. Some customers wash their own or throw them away and get a new supply.

We supply rags to individuals, small businesses, and large companies all over the United States.  Feel free to call for information, a quote, or to order.  We would LOVE to hear from you.



​​My name is Shelley McPherson and I am the CEO of American Wiping Rags, Inc., which was established in Pueblo, Colorado in 2003.  I was raised in Huntington Beach, California.  At seventeen, I began traveling the world, lived in many states and countries, and experienced great people and adventures.  I ended my journey and began my new career when I settled in Colorado.  Some hobbies I enjoy are snowboarding, scuba diving, reading, traveling, movies and car shows.  I own a custom American Wiping Rags Super Van.

Why Rags?

I wanted to make a difference in the world. I was raised to recycle and decided to start my own business where I could make a difference and keep extra materials out of landfills.  I buy materials for the rags that can be recycled or reused before they end up in the landfills.

Community Organizations:
I am passionate about being involved with community-based organizations and their activities. 
Member of:

*Chair Ambassador and member of the *Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce – *2005 to present
*Pueblo West Chamber – 2005 to present
*Pueblo Business Woman’s Network - 2006 to 2010
*Front Range Business Group - 2008 to present
*SADBOC of Colorado – 2008 to present
*Southern Colorado Residential Rental Association
*Latino Chamber of Commerce – 2006 to present
*Pueblo Toastmaster #795 – 2008 to 2009
Boards and Committees:
*Governor Hickenlooper SBDC Advisory Council – 2012 to present
*Governor Ritter SBDC Advisory Council – 2008 to 2010
*President of the El Pueblo Inter-Development Corporation (EPIC) 2011 to 2014
*Board Member of the El Pueblo Inter-Development Corporation (EPIC) 2007 to 2014
*Ambassador of the Pueblo Latino *Chamber of Commerce – 2007 to present
*Chair Ambassador of the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce – 2011 to 2012
BBB of Pueblo Advisory Committee – 2007 to present
*SBDC of Pueblo Advisory Board  – 2009 to present​

SBDC Small Business of the Year Award - 2017